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Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) Gauge Installation How-To (page 2)

Written by germansupplyscott

The following information is to be used for reference only and is not responsible for any modifications made to your vehicle. These instuctions are for information only and not a step-by-step guide. Please do your research and consult a professional before performing any modifications to your vehicle.


There are several ways to install gauges in a late Bus dash. Though it involves drilling holes in the dash, we like this location under the radio.


These gauges are installed in a Thing dash panel.

Installing the CHT sender on the engine

On an aircooled VW, the CHT sender is installed under the #3 spark plug. On early air-cooled models (pre-doghouse) #3 ran hotter than the other cylinders due to the fact that cooling air for that cylinder passed over the oil cooler first. We still use #3 as the location for the sender. Depending on whether you VW has an upright style engine or a type IV, the installation is slightly different. Germansupply sells the CHT kits with the senders pre-bent for different applications, but in any case the sender may need to be bent in order to fit.


If the cylinder head is NOT attached to the engine, for instance during a rebuild, we recommend machining a slot in the spark plug counter bore to allow the sender to sit flat on the lower plane of the spark plug hole. Done correctly, the slot will not harm the head in any way. We prefer this method because it prevents the sender from spinning when you remove the spark plugs. The slot may vary slightly from the photo depending on cylinder head type. For instance, the plug counterbore for a 914 2 litre head is different from all other type IV cylinder heads.


The type IV head has a deep recess for the spark plug which can make installing the sender difficult.


If the engine is in the vehicle, use one of the pre-bent senders or bend it yourself. The bend may vary depending on what kind of cylinder head your engine uses. We recommend using NGK spark plugs, as they are slightly smaller above the threads than Bosch, giving extra room for the sender in the plug recess. We also recommend enlarging the hole in the sender by appoximately 0.03" so the ring terminal will slip over the plug threads more readily.


Remove the #3 plug and cut off the crush washer so the plug will reach into the combustion chamber correctly. The soft copper sender acts as the plug sealing ring


Barbed clip used to secure the sender wire to the cylinder head. This is modified automitive trim clip.


If you are able to, secure the sender wire to one of the head cooling fins with a barbed clip. The germansupply kit contains a clip for this purpose. Be extremely careful installing the sender so it will not move during installation or removal of the spark plug.

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